About HRDC


Human Resource Development Centre (HRDC) Sitakund Campus

Donor: YPSA own initiative & Basic Bank.

Goal: To facilitate Human Resources Development Programs of YPSA and Similar Organizations.

Specific Objectives: To build Capacity of NGO activities to provide training facilities to various development players.

Duration: 12 years old

Target group: Organizational staff and Beneficiary of YPSA as well as of other liked minded organizations staff.

Major activities: Conduct Training, Module develops Ensure training facilities, Organize workshop and Seminar, Supports Others facility.



The Human Resources Development Centre (HRDC) Sitakund was established in 26th November 2001 in Sitakund with a view to develop skill and technical competence of the grassroots people, organizational staff of YPSA as well as the other like minded organizations. The center is situated just beside the Dhaka  Trunk Road and at a stone’s through from the Eco-Park. Training is one of the key components in the ear of developing human resource and capacity building. Training enables personnel to facilitate creative dynamics to contribute in the process of development in a more professional way. Different training programs YPSA helps its partners to improve their skill and capacity to plan implement and monitor the any programs at the community level.

YPSA Training cell responses to the country’s human resource development needs be it at national and local level. Equipped with advances in training/ learning technologies in adult learning principles, and in multi-media and electronic technologies the YPSA Training cell has been a major player in the development and delivery of decentralized and customized training programs in the area. YPSA Training cell has also been delivering organizational capacity building training as a Human Resource Development expert.


Training Centre Facilities:

  1. Dormitory (with 50 beds)

2. 8 Guest Rooms
3. Dining
4 . Telephone
5. Library
6. Photocopy
7. Overhead Projector
8. White board / Flannel board/Clip board
9. Audio-visual Equipments (TV-VCP)
10. Digital Camera
11. Video Camera
12. Multimedia
13. Laptop Computer & Internet Access
14. Generator for alternative power supply
15. Still Camera
16. Cultural Equipment facilities.
Program & Participants coverage:

Total Training






61 days




Future Plan:

The HRDC is playing very significant role to enhance the knowledge and technical competence of YPSA. In addition to that, it is increasing the cohesiveness among the organization. It is also contributing to make the organization self-reliant by generating income for it. In future we are going to develop a separate training division.




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